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Denise Miner
Breckenridge, CO, USA
Hello there to friends of Jennifer. I do not know any of you or Jennifer but I had heard of this site off the SCI list when the website was created. I have thought of this website a lot recently as my friends and I went through something similar a few months back. On the way to Coventry my roomate Sean Travis, his girlfriend/ my friend Lindsay Malkiewicz, and our other friend Michael Winepol passed away on 8/13 about an hour away from the venue. They had all been to the Boston & Camden shows before Coventry and were no doubt tired from all the driving. According to police reports- Sean suddenly swerved into the other lane of traffic and ran head on into a Ford F-350. The passengers in the other car suffered minor injuries. We were suppose to meet up with our friends while waiting in line to get in but that never happened. We found out the next day after we had ditched our car and began walking to venue. We immediately turned around and left when we found out. I know how you feel when you lose someone so suddenly and wish there was something you could have done to prevent it. This webiste is great. My friends and I will be attending HSMF this summer and I hope to meet some of you. So sorry for your loss. Jennifer sounds like such a beautiful person. Take care ~Much love Denise
Oct 25, 2004 12:00 AM

Vince Taurina
Chicago, IL, USA  
Hey Jen, I am so glad I met your moms friend and got to talk to your mom and hear your story.what great family and friends you have.You sound like such a great girl that I now have you in my heart and pray for you. I know you are in good hands and seeing how great all these people are for coming here to write to you and tell you how much we all love you.I wish I was one of these fortunate people to have met you and shared great times together but From what I hear thats enough to put you in my heart.your mom is a great person and very good hearted. god bless you all and stay strong
Oct 09, 2004 12:00 AM

Eric Hernandez
Lake in the Hills, IL, USA  
We miss you Jen
Sep 21, 2004 12:00 AM

Flagstaff/Holland, AZ/MI, USA  
Hey Jen, I am thinking about you so much latly, now that I am so far away from Flagstaff. I am sure you were there the day at Hornings when Manny proposed to me, and maybe even had a little something to do with it. Thank you for the love you have given us. I know you are here with us still somehow, I can feel you all around me. I love you, baby. See you in my dreams. Always, Aubrey
Aug 31, 2004 12:00 AM

Timmy McCullion
Toms River, NJ, USA
Though I've never met Jennifer, I truly felt her spirit shining down on us at coventry this past weekend, so much so that I felt the need to sign this here guestbook. I feel like I know her because her love shines through all of you, and I'm grateful to feel that love. This extended "phamily" is really something special and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. Even if it doesn't always make sense, everything has its purpose. Thank you Manny for putting this together and all those who spread the word and look out for each other while we're on the road. Peace Love & Light, namaste, Timmy ;) PS what's with these pharmie links down below, who are these people? PPS I know it's early, but who's comin out to NJ for thanksgiving cheese?! I'll deep fry the turkey! Or how bout NYC for a cheesey New Years?! drop me a line. I love you kids and I can't wait to see you all again.
Aug 25, 2004 12:00 AM

Tom Morrow
Rochester Hills, MI, USA  
Keep up the good work Manny. Jennifer meant so much to all who knew her.
Aug 04, 2004 12:00 AM

Ken Freestone
Holland, MI, USA  
Thank you for thinking about the well being of your closest friends, others you have met during this journey and to those people you have yet to meet. You are doing great things.
Aug 04, 2004 12:00 AM

Ed Kang
Baltimore, MD, USA  
Took the link from one of the High Sierra email updates I get.....very cool you're doing this in memory of your friend. God knows I've probably driven when I shouldn't have and it is very scary falling asleep at the wheel........good luck! ed
Aug 01, 2004 12:00 AM

Vancouver, BC, Canada  
Well... I must say I was drawn to this site after what happend to us the day after HSMF 2004. Being a live music fan + a traveler will always bring you the best... and will eventually witness or become the worst... For us, Daina and I, Richie, will NEVER forget. Her name was Ellen S. Payne. How do I say it? She was a human being. Just like all of us. She died in a tragic accident witnessed by myself in the rear view mirror of my car. Happening just outside of Lassen National Volcanic Park, heading east on Hwy 44 toward Redding, CA @ 1pm. We were heading home after such a wonderful High Sierra Music Festival. Me in my brand new HSMF T-shirt, thinking I can't wait to tell my friends back in Canada what a brilliant festival we had just experienced for the 1st time. I saw the white mini-van swerve once then a second time, going out of control into the oncomming lane, and then iratically swerve back like she just woke up, or went out of control, and then off the highway, over a 10 foot ditch into 2 large redwood trees. After witnessing a cloud of dust, and pulling our car safely off the road already in contact with 911, we ran toward the so-called vehicle. We tried, we insisted on trying. But she was just too banged up. Too pinned. We couldn't free her. She was still alive... trying to breathe every 20 seconds... you try it... she was dying... I saw the assficiation settle in.. we cut the seatbelt that had been holding her head up, and everything in her neck was crushed... so there was nothing to even try and make her breathe with... In my belief, she died of assficiation from tramma to the neck in my precense... I'll never be the same. I'll never drive the same. I never want to see what I witnessed again. However, it happens all the time. As the deputy told me. Fuck him. Being Canadian makes no difference either. We do what we do because we do it. I was on auto pilot. You would be too. It sinks in afterward. This woman, Ellen, was 51yrs old and traveling alone with her dog Daisy, whom also was killed instantly, to go and water her flowers before she went back to camp-out with her loved ones. She traveled the road often with nothing on her mind other than getting to where she needed to be... So this is the point. BE CAREFUL... Thus, this webpage, and Jen's tragic accident, along with many others that will be posted along the way as we all learn as a whole. Richie
Jul 30, 2004 12:00 AM

El Sobrante, CA, USA  
Thank you for focusing the energy started by your loss in to something positive. A very large group of my friends/family/tribe go to High Sierra Music Fest each year, to laugh, listen to music, dance and enjoy each others company for 4 days of bliss & light! I remember hearing about Jennifer's accident after it happened in 2002. In 2003 many of the people in our camp had the flyers that were being handed out and we all talked about it & made sure that the people who were driving home from the fest, were awake, had eaten some food & were ready for the drive before they hit the road. What happened to Jennifer was really on our minds and I think it really helped us to all get home safely. This year some of our camp was not as prepared for the drive and attempted to drive home when they were WAY TOO TIRED!! Thanks and praises to the Gods & Goddesses that placed a car with 2 flat tires on the cliff side of the road on Hwy 89! This car kept my friends from going over the side of the road when the driver fell asleep. He ran right in to it. they totaled the car that they hit, as well as the car that they were in, but the spirits were watching out for them, and they got away with only minor injuries. If that car had not been there, they would have gone off a 40 ft. cliff!! The cop that came told them that it is very rare for people to survive accidents that happen on that road. My husband and I drove by this accident about an hour or so later, and seeing the cars all bashed up scared us both BIG TIME, we commented on how awful it was that some one had just been in this accident and wondered if it was someone from the fest, but there was no one there and we didn't realize that we knew the people in one of the cars. When we found out the next day, we were blown away and thought again and again how blessed we all were that that car had been on the side of the road with 2 flat tires. Next year, we are going to get a hotel room and try to inspire as many people in our group as we can to stay in Qunicy for an extra night, so we can all get home safely. My love & kind thoughts to you all, remember to enjoy each minute, they are all precious! With lots of love, laughter & light, GinaBop
Jul 30, 2004 12:00 AM

I shouldn't have waited a week to do this. But I am always thinking of you when this time of year comes around and it always gives me peace. I miss you.
Jul 19, 2004 12:00 AM

“My Second Birthday in Heaven” Calling all the angels-- It's a special day today! For JENNIFER’S turning twenty-two years old! Here's what she has to say: Dear Friends and Family please dry all your tears; I know you miss me so. And if it had been up to me, I'd never have chosen to go." "For I knew that you would miss me And the things that we could do, And I wish I could have stayed on earth And lived down there with you." "But, now I'm well and whole; I sing and dance all day With all the angel boys and girls Who've come to heaven to stay." "Lord Jesus holds us in His arms And tells us of His love; He knew that we were hurting-- That's why we came above." "I love you, All every day; I send you kisses, too. And some day you will join me here And I'll always be with you." "I've got to go--the party's on! We'll sing and dance and play. But I am always in your heart And never far away." "Please find a way to celebrate, Even if you cry; Perhaps you'll send me some balloons Soaring to the sky." "And I will know they came from you, And I'll be flying near. I send you love and kisses, too. “ I love you, All so dear." JENNIFER’S BIRTHDAY POEM TO US ALL!! ECCLESIAST 6:9 7/13/04
Jul 19, 2004 12:00 AM

Sterling Sanders
Nashville, TN, USA  
I think it is great that you have started this awareness, but I am saddened by your loss. It is quite obvious to see how incredible of a person Jennifer was by the entries of others. I love a lifelong friend, Jonathan Temple Deutsch, in a car accident two years ago when he was on his way to my house (on I-40W also) from NC. May God bless Jennifer and all those who lost a dear friend that night in AZ. Regards, Sterling Sanders
Jul 15, 2004 12:00 AM

Kathy Taylor
Phoenix, AZ, USA  
Happy birthday Jennifer. Watch over us and keep us safe. Kathy
Jul 14, 2004 12:00 AM

Erin Liabo
Orlando, FL, USA  
Happy Birthday Jen! I am really missing you these days! Although Jen is gone, I still feel as if she is a part of my every day in some way or you jen!
Jul 14, 2004 12:00 AM

Meg Walker
Kalamazoo, MI, USA  
Jennifer, Happy Birthday babie- I miss you and love you so much- You are in my thoughts throughout everyday of my life, you are such a beautiful woman and I thhank you for everything....My thoughts to the Benton's -I miss you...We all need to get together again and jump in your pool....Love ya, Meg
Jul 14, 2004 12:00 AM

Jessica Morrow
Flagstaff, AZ, USA  
I just wanted to sign this guestbook yet again to wish Jennifer a very happy birthday. I love & miss you, Jen, I can never say that enough. Manny was right in his comment below here, though-- we all feel you with us all the time. The birthday party/celebration of Jen's life at the tree was wonderful and I am sure everyone there felt Jen's presence as much as I did, just in how easily everybody got along and how much fun we all had, at the tree and then later at the show downtown. We ate, laughed, played, and I finally learned to hula hoop! We all gathered around the tree and sang happy birthday to Jen. I just wanted to write this here so Jennifer's family would know that we're all celebrating Jen's life and keeping her close to our hearts.
Jul 13, 2004 12:00 AM

chrys royall
freedom, ME, USA  
I just wanted to send my love to all who visit this site on Jen's birthday. It feels like yesterday that I last hugged her and looked upon her lovely face. Happy Birthday Jen.
Jul 13, 2004 12:00 AM

Phoenix, AZ, USA  
Happy Birthday Little Sis! I Love You! Love, Anthony X.O.X.O
Jul 13, 2004 12:00 AM

Manny Garcia
Flagstaff, AZ, USA
Dear Jennifer, It has been 2 years now since you've been gone physically. However, I can feel you around every once and a while. I just wanted to say that I miss you and I wanted to let you know that "Driving for Jennifer" has been doing very well. We got a lot of good responce at High Sierra this year. However, our work isn't even close to being done. I just read that another person lost his life in a car accident after High Sierra this year. We still have much work ahead of us! We are going to have a celebration of your life tomorrow. So we will see you at your tree. We'll be eating, hanging out, throwing the frisbee around, hula-hooping and being together with you! After that we're all going dancing, I know you'll be there for that. I love and miss you.
Jul 10, 2004 12:00 AM

Katie Benton
Naperville, IL, USA  
Jennifer is always in my thoughts. Everything i do, i know she is there watching me. It has been two years and i still am in shock, when i look at the photograph that we have in my living room on our mantle, i wish i could just hug the girl in the picture. I wrote a lot of poems about Jen in school to help me cope, but it is still hard. My step-cousin died today of cancer, he was 12 years old. It is horrible to think i have lost another loved one. Jen has made me a better person and makes me think about the way i live my life. I wish i would have gone instead of her alot, but i know that i will meet up with her again, unfortunatlly i dont know when. I love you Jen and the rest of the Benton's. Thankyou to everyone for the supports, Aunt Karen, Uncle Drew, Anthony, Kelly and Kevin, i cant express how much i miss you all. And how much i love you. You are always in our prayers...
Jul 10, 2004 12:00 AM

Jennifer Roberts
Houston, TX, USA  
Wow, 2 years went by fast. Jenn, I know you have been looking down on everyone and probablly laughing at all the silly and goofy things we are doing, cringing at our mistakes, mourning our sadness, and celebrating all our joys along with us. There is not a day that goes by when I don't have a chance to tell people of your experience and hopefully spread light onto an otherwise darkened thought. You have so many people down here that all love you and miss you terriablly however I know you are there welcoming our friends and family memebers into heaven with big huggs and kisses. You are always in my thoughts, Love Jenni
Jul 09, 2004 12:00 AM

jessica morrow
flagstaff, AZ, USA  
jen... i can't believe it has been 2 years. i'm sure you know how much we all miss you-- i envy you your free and beautiful spirit. i'm sure you've found so much to rejoice in in the life beyond. i love you, girl, and i always will. jess p.s. We are having a birthday party at Jen's tree on Saturday i believe? a barbeque, then we are going to Flagstaff Brewing Co. to see Perpetual Groove & I am sure our beautiful sister will be there dancing & laughing with us!
Jul 09, 2004 12:00 AM

Anthony (Jennifer's Brother)
Phoenix, AZ, USA  
"Sister so dear to my heart. A lover of life, kind and true. We'll always be together in my dreams." I Love So VERY Much! You are Forever in my heart. Until we meet again... All My Love, Anthony X.O.X.O
Jul 09, 2004 12:00 AM

Looking at this site today made me very very sad. A really good friend of mine lost his life to a car accident leaving the High Sierra Music Festival on Monday. I'm still in shock, really, and a friend sent me a link to this page. Thank you for what you do, I know now how extremely important this issue is. Keep up the good work, and please let me know if there is any way I can help.
Jul 08, 2004 12:00 AM

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